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About Christian Miniatures

Christian Miniatures makes miniature Christian items using the help of people who like to work at home and who have the skill and persistence to make these Christian items look just like the real thing, but smaller! They are technically known as 1/12th-scale miniatures because they are 1/12th the size of the real thing. All of the products that we sell are made by home assemblers who work from home making our products. We send you everything that you need to make the products as a home worker and you return them to us and get paid for making them. We have many different products to choose from--we like to think we have something for nearly every one to make!

We accept assemblers of our products from the entire Western Hemisphere. That includes residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Central America.

People who help make our Christian miniatures are good people who want to use their spare time to earn some extra money. Since all of our items can be made at home, people can earn good money without having to go out of the home when they don't want to! Of course, you're welcome to come visit us in person as well--we're in the heart of Central New York State!

After you return your completed items to us, and we pay you for your work, we then sell the items through wholesale distributors as well as directly to many hobby and miniature stores throughout the country. If you're looking to buy completed Christian Miniatures, please get in touch with us! We'd love to help you out.

Our miniature items are the fruit of our long-standing commitment to create miniature Christian items that can be used to guide, inform, and inspire Christians. Our home assembled miniatures are aimed for adult collectors. Generally they will only use items that reproduce the exact look of the real thing! That is why Christian Miniatures’s items are made to the highest of quality standards.